Login and startup

  1. login to LUCI machine from an argos@obs machine: nxclient or ssh -X lucifer@luci.luci.lbto.org
  2. cd ~/lcsp/bin
  3. ./startLuci.sh to start "LUCI Management Console" GUI and check that system and LUCI2 (for DX) are started
  4. ./startObserver.sh
  5. use button LUCI2 for readout settigns, READ2 for camera and settings, and RTD2 for Aladin viewer

Detector engineering GUIS with display and Instrument Shell

  1. from lucifer@luci.luci.lbto.org login as readout2@luci
  2. start_luci_new
  3. Click OK on the first windows (the one with the f/15 selection)
  4. The Display and the Controls GUI appear
  5. In Control GUI select Modules/New InstrShell to open the InstrumentShell

In case of troubles try typing the magical sequence
[readout2@luci ~]$ cleanup
[readout2@luci ~]$ cleanup

Subwindowing mode

In the InstrumentShell, to make a subwindow of 128x128 px with lower-left corner (670,140) px:

Luci2_2_DX> subwin auto off
Luci2_2_DX> subwin clear
Luci2_2_DX> subwin SW 1 670 140 128 128
Luci2_2_DX> subwin auto on

With 128x128 DIT can be decreased down to 0.17s, with 200x200 DIT is about 0.2s

Copying LUCI Images to DX-LGSW

To copy images of 20150705 to /home/argos/LuciImages/LUCI2/20150705/
[argos@dx-lgsw ~]$ copyLuciImagesOfDay 20150705

It is using rsync so it can be called multiple times

Selecting N30

Until they fix it, move first to N1.8 and than to N30 using the "Instrument LUCI 2" GUI.

Update the settings in the GUI by clicking on Refresh until Camera changes to desired value (currently UNDEFINED for the N30)

Adjusting Detector Focus

With N30 switch not properly working the SW believes the camera is UNDEFINED position. This prevents the automatic focus adjustment to work properly. If you know the detector focus position (can check in a previous FITS header or can ask to some LUCI Guru) then you can check if the detector focus position is correct:

  1. In "LUCI Management Console" select Tab LUCI2 and right click on Detector Unit
  2. Select Open GUI to open the "Detector Unit" GUI

-- GillesOrban - 05 Jul 2015
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