Start up

The HW is typically always on. In case you need to access it, the control PC is in the lower treehouse.

  1. Login as LBTO on obs[x]. See UsefulLoginInfo
  2. Type "startirtc2". See UsefulLoginInfo for password
  3. If IRTC control software is not already running, double click on the IRTC GUI icon on Desktop
  4. On IRTC control software GUI, click on Wide FoV icon (big black square with some yellowish dots)
  5. Select empty in the filter drop down menu (DO IT! even if empty is already selected...)
  6. Click on the Grab button (camcorder icon)
  7. Enable cooling

Where are the images?

They are stored in r: on the windows computer. It is actually an NFS folder, so sometimes it hangs. The frames' cube should be automagically transferred in the repository that is accessible in /Repository/ on the obs[x] computers
lbto@obs3:4 % ll /Repository/20141103/irtc2.20141103.00001_cube.fits
-rw-r--r--. 1 500 500 167040  3 nov 21:39 /Repository/20141103/irtc2.20141103.00001_cube.fits 

-- LorenzoBusoni - 04 Nov 2014
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