How to start only the Housekeeping module from scratch

(e.g. during Summer Shutdown when ARGOS is completely off)

  1. Connect to dx-lalas via VNC: HowToLogInAndConnectToVNC
  2. Start monit on dx-lalas (if not running already): MonitServiceManager
  3. Open firefox, go to monit and start the LAS.REMOTE_POWER.BASDARD process (if not running already).
  4. Open the DX LAS Lab Engineering GUI: Use the corresponding icon or type in a terminal argos_dx_las_lab_gui
  5. Click on the "Remote Power Control" tab and turn on LLP DX General Services.
  6. Wait 60 seconds for the Housekeeping unit to be ready.
  7. Go back to monit on firefox and start the following processes:
  8. Close the DX LAS Lab Engineering GUI and open it again (for the Housekeeping tab to synchronize with its processes).
  9. Verify that the Housekeeping tab is active and displaying values correctly.
  10. The "TELEMETRY.PROPERTY_CRAWLER" processes allow the telemetry data to be available for zabbix. Check that the zabbix displays are working: (login as "argosguest" and select screen "argos overview").
Note: Sometimes the "LAS.TELEMETRY.PROPERTY_CRAWLER" process dies (the status in the monit window go from Running to Do not exist). In that case, the usual reason is that the process is trying to connect to another process that is not running. To find out which that missing process is, check the last entry on the corresponding log file:


" The log file will tag the "ERROR" in red."

and start the missing processes from monit. After that, restart the "LAS.TELEMETRY.PROPERTY_CRAWLER" process and you should be good to go.

-- GustavoRahmer - 16 Aug 2018
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