How to deploy calibration unit

Deploy the arms from GUI (preferred)

  • Telescope at zenith.
  • Stow pins in.
  • ARGOS software running (see: HowToStartSoftware).
  • Corresponding LBC swingarm (SX or DX PFC) in park position.
  • Open swing arm GUI (Applications->ARGOS common)
  • Check in the "telescope" tab that all conditions are "yes".
  • Select the "basic" tab.
  • Press "move to working position" button.
  • The "absolute encoder position" value should change.

Deploy the arms via web browser

Instructions for the DX unit.

  1. With telescope at Zenith enable Stow Pins
  2. login into LALAS, see UsefulLoginInfo
  3. Open firefox and open the following page:
  4. Check that every bit is 1 in "receiveTeles Word" in ARGOS Swing Arm - LBT
  5. Check that the default parameters are set properly in "Tuning Parameters"
  6. Press "DX working position"
  7. Pos_ABS and Pos_INC in the Status table should change
  8. The bit no. 4 "in working position" should change to 1 when position is reached and Status in Status should tell position achieved (WP)
  9. Working position for DX is about Pos_ABS = 5872 for SX it is about POS_ABS=18662



To move Receove Word should show:
  • enable conditions are fulfilled = 0
  • swing arm error = 0
  • non-plausible command = 0
If not do a reset command.

To move receiveTeles Word
  • telescope in zenith position = 1, means telescope on zenith and stow pins in!!
  • global swing arm enabled = 1
  • ARGOS swing arm enable = 1
  • SX PFC in park position = 1, these are the prime focus cameras which can collide therefor they are interlocked.
  • DX PFC in park position = 1
If not check with mountain crew to get the conditions!!

To move Tuning Parameters should be:
  • Tuning Parameters should be like shown (V1,V2,V3 can be smaller, positions below can be slightly different, still ok)
If not set default parameters.

How to switch on calibration unit sources

  1. Login into LALAS, see UsefulLoginInfo
  2. Start DX.CAL.WHITE_LIGHT_SOURCE.BASDARD or check that it is running (http://localhost:2812)
  3. Start DX.CAL.DIODE_SOURCE.BASDARD or check that it is running (http://localhost:2812)
  4. For DX WhiteLightSource type into terminal: argos_dx_cal_white_light_source_gui or click on the "DX_CAL_Whitelight_source_gui" button
  5. For SX WhiteLightSource type into terminal: argos_sx_cal_white_light_source_gui
  6. For OFF-AXIS SOURCES type into terminal: argos_dx_cal_diode_source_gui

How to deploy calibration unit (old mode, credits Gustavo, kept only for historical reference)

  1. With telescope at Zenith enable Stow Pins
  2. Find the swing arm laptop in the ARGOS Gustavo's cabinet on 3U
  3. Connect laptop to power cord and gray ethernet cable close to the Laser systems on left side of ARGOS platform at lvl 6
  4. Login into laptop, see UsefulLoginInfo
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