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Image of the Calibrations source (diodes0 in the WFS.h Main.JuanCarlosGuerra 10 Sep 2021
How to deploy dichroic from ARGOS control software 1. See FullARGOSStartUpProcedure for prerequisites: chiller, main power, login into workstation 1. Start ...
How to perform ARGOS closed loop in daytime This HowTo explains how to close an AO loop with the ARGOS system in daytime using the CalUnit as reference source. Th...
How to perform ARGOS LGSW to ADSEC calibrations This HowTo describes what to do to create a new reconstructor for the AO loop. The description tries to include al...
Login and startup 1 login to LUCI machine from an argos@obs machine: nxclient or ssh X lucifer #64; 1 cd ~/lcsp/bin 1 ./ t...
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