Instructions to replace a Pockels Cell Driver (PCD) on the telescope

  1. In the LGSW Lab GUI, go to the "Pockels_cell" tab and press "Shutdown".
  2. On the telescope, open the LGSW cabinet and turn off the Pockels Cell Driver controller module (the switch on the left).IMG_9362.jpg
  3. Get next to the LGSW unit and loosen the elastic cords holding the raincoat, enough to be able to lift it to get access to the PCD.
  4. Disconnect the cooling lines. IMG_9363.jpg
  5. Disconnect all the cables on top of the unit. IMPORTANT: Disconnect the green ground cable last.IMG_9364.jpg
  6. Loosen the screws on the clamps holding the unit to the table. There are 2 clamps: one in front and one on the side. The screw for the front clamp needs to be removed completely as it is in the way of taking the unit out.
  7. Remove the unit by pulling it away from the LGSW box.
  8. Attach the new unit. Make sure that it is all the way in.
  9. Fasten the clamps.
  10. Connect the cooling lines.
  11. Connect the cables on top. Connect the green ground cable first.
  12. Check that all cables are properly attached.
  13. Replace the raincoat.
  14. Turn on the Pockels Cell Driver controller module in the LGSW cabinet.
  15. Update the history log for the units involved. See here: PockelsCellDriverV2
-- GustavoRahmer - 20 Oct 2017
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