This procedure brings up the LAS system until lasers are ready to be propagated on sky

  1. See FullARGOSStartUpProcedure for prerequisites: chiller, main power, login into workstation
  2. Start LAS software:
  3. In the Controller GUI, click on "Power Up" and wait until the end of "Powering Up". The state will be "Powered Up"
  4. In the Controller GUI, check "init Periscopes". Click on "Set Up" and wait.
  5. Ask the LBTO Laser Safety Officer to activate operation in the Laser Lockout Panel on level 4. Laser can be enabled for "class 1" (no on-sky propagation) or "class 4" (ready for on-sky propagation).
  6. In the Controller GUI, click on "Start Up" and wait until state is "Started Up"
  7. In the Controller GUI, click on "SW enable laser operation". The label below the buttons says "ON" with yellow background
  8. In the Controller GUI, click "Prepare for Observation".
  9. At this stage lasers are actually propagated inside the laser box, In the LAS Status GUI, check the laser are actually on. Check power and pupil and field camera images.

-- LorenzoBusoni - 02 Nov 2014
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