How to Perform ARGOS AO Loop In Night Time

This HowTo describs what to do to set up the ARGOS system for night time observation. The procedure should start with hand over to warm up the lasers. It is recommendet but not absolutely necessary to start all software from scratch. That's included in this description.

After changes or some days of no use we strongly recommend to checkout the system with day time loop closing a day ahead!

  • Cleanup of day time work, like swing arm of CalUnitSystem is parked.
  • System was properly shutdown before.
  • Minimum the class 1 for lasers is required.
If you start after a long period without using the system following checks are recommended at daytime before: Note
  • Currently (2018/02), ARGOS must be authorized to establish AOS connections, if not Power_up sequence ends with error (see troubleshooting).
    • Authorization must be performed at zenith. The dichroic moves in. This is done best at zenith!
    • Authorization must be completed. The GUIs show the authorization but the command is not completed!! Check TCS logs for completion.!!
Procedure (must be performed at handover to get laser stabilized)
  1. (Re-)start the software to be clean. (see: StartTheEasyWay).
  2. Open the "Device GUI" (Applications->ARGOS Common)
  3. Open the "Arbitrator GUI" (Applications->ARGOS ?X->arbitrator)
  4. Open the "Status GUI" (Applications->ARGOS ?X->argos all status GUI)
  5. Power up the system by pressing the "Power_up" button in the "Arbitrator GUI". This will take some time (SX about 10min, DX about 15 min)[
  6. [In parallel to 5] Open AdSec GUIs (TODO: Adsec how to: HowToStartAdsec)
  7. [In parallel to 5] Open FLAO GUIs and start up FLAO (see: HowToStartPyramidWfs)
  8. [In parallel to 5] Open "CCD viewer" GUI (Applications->ARGOS ?X->CCD viewer)
  9. [In parallel to 5] Open "AO sensing viewer" GUI (Application->ARGOS?X->argos ao sensing viewer)
  10. Setup the system by pressing the "Setup" button. Motors and devices will be initialized. This will take about 3min.
  11. Start up the system by pressing the "Start up" button. Now the lasers are lasing in the box.
To do the next steps of testing following requirements must be fulfilled.
  • Fiber switch must be for AROGS (this is now done with authorizing as bentGregorienArgos)
  • AdSec must be set.
  • Telescope on zenith
  • ARGOS must be authorized
Normally the previous two requirements are fulfilled after the telescope is prepared for observation by the telescope operator after hand over.
  1. Press "Prepare" button to test the fast link FLAO to ARGOS connection and if a preset goes through - tests that FLAO is setup properly.
  2. Press "Startup" button to get back into standby mode. If not the dust shutters stay open.
Further steps after telescope is open:

After the telescope is opened up you have to get ready for observation:
  • Press "Prepare" button.
  • Wait for the first preset from LUCI.

AO Acquisition:

  1. In ARGOS ARBITRATOR Expert tab -> LAT tab Get Lat Frame.

  2. Makemanual offsets, or use Find Lasers to get the lasers into position

  3. Align Laser

  4. At start of night only, will need to make sure that LM1 & Patrol Camera Selected

  5. The lasers heat up the mirrors therefore once in a while the spots have to be optimize with the launch beam corrector. Especially in the beginning of the night or when the laser was off for longer spots should be monitored and optimized. This can be done by:

    1. Manual Sharpen (Focus) may be need to be adjusted particularly at the start of the night. Focus stage +/-10000 move relative (in LGS Acquisition) . This is because the launch mirrors warm over time

    2. Sharpen will run a automatic procedure. Currently, plots will not be shown.
    3. A script can be used from the argos terminal to show plots. (see HowToOptimizeSpotOnPatrolCameras)
  6. Acquire in LGS Acq - Start LAT spiral & watch like a hawk. Click on lasers and Acquire Manually to pul lasers in.


  1. Get Natural GS in CCD47

  2. Acquire manually on lasers in they move a bit

  3. Once LGSW CCD viewer shows all lasers centered confirm LGS acquisition

  4. In AO loop tab, make sure gain ok, AO loop close

  5. Tweak the gains and hit apply (not like updating gains directly in adsec arb)


  • Start the snapshoter GUI under 'Applications' -> 'Argos ?x' -> 'snapshooter' (see also HowToBuildModalPlots)

How to use the pointing paddle to adjust pointing: See Operator Wiki on Paddle for details
  • In a terminal on an obs machine, cd /home/telescope/sallanson/pointnear and start the paddle with ./paddle
  • Select the side you are operating and select the option button to see the orientation matching the ccd47.

How to shutdown properly read: HowToShutdownArgos

How to troubleshoot: Troubleshoot

Recovery procedures: HowToRecoverArgos

Suggestions for screen setup

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