How to perform ARGOS closed loop in daytime

This HowTo explains how to close an AO loop with the ARGOS system in daytime using the CalUnit as reference source. The main use case here is to close the loop to test everything works fine. For certain activities one has to do the focus adjustment differently or more eleaborated.
  • Setup ARGOS with CalUnitSystem (HowToSetupARGOSForCalibrations)
  • Close the loop with Arbitrator GUI
    • In tab "Main" fill NGS magnitude (typically 15) and RO coordinates from HowToSetupHexapodForCalibrationUnit
    • Press button Launch in tab "Main"
    • You might want adjust the light level for the white light source and the diodes in the corresponding GUIs.
    • Press button Acquire in tab "Main"
    • Confirm acquisition in tab "LGS Acquisition" by pressing "Confirm LGS acquisition" button.
    • Set the focus of FLAO board (see note)
    • In tab "AO loop" edit the TT Gain to 0.5 and all others to 0
    • Press Button "Set AO loop gain"
    • Press Button "Close" and close the loop
    • Now you can ramp slowly the gains by editing and pressing "Set AO loop gain"
Typical final loop parameters are:
  • TT Gain 1.0
  • Lo Gain 0.4
  • Hi Gain 0.3
Note: The focus of the LGSW and the FLAO are not in the same plane. In night operation the height of the laser beams can be adjusted to match the focal plane corresponding to LUCI and FLAO. During day time a way to adjust for the focal difference is to put the FLAO on the focal plane of the LGSW.

How to shutdown properly read: HowToShutdownArgos

How to troubleshoot: Troubleshoot

Recovery procedures: HowToRecoverArgos
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