Device ToDo Frequency [month] Last Done / Name Comments
Full ARGOS system Close loop in daytime with image on LUCI 2 2019-12-04 SW/GR This is a test to keep track of possible changes on other instruments and to check if all devices are still alive.

Laser Chillers

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Filter and coolant service 36 2018-06-19 / ML, GR During the maintenance on June 19, 2018, we found no glycol contamination or low level, and therefore maintenance frequency can be increased to 36 months.
Power Analyzer memory card Replace 36    
Laser Box Particle filter check/change 5 years    
Laser Heads Tuning 3 and on demand 2018-07-03 / GR
Compressed Air Shutter Stage Lubricate tbd deysenroth    
Focus Stage Lubricate tbd deysenroth    
Beam Corrector Lubricate 12    
Beam Corrector + Exit Window Inspection 3 (with cleaning on demand)    
LAT Entrance Shutter Lubricate tbd deysenroth    
LAT Focus Mechanism Lubricate tbd deysenroth    
Spare Laser Heads tuning 12    
Launch System
LM2 Mirrors inspect/clean if needed 12 2019-10-09 / ML, GR Access when unit is off the telescope (usually for Adsec intervention)
LM1 Actuators lubricate tbd deysenroth    
LM1 Actuators fixation check 12    
LM1 Dust Shutters lubricate tbd deysenroth    
LM2 Dust Shutters lubricate tbd deysenroth    
Compressed Air Filters clean/change 60    
LM2 Accelerometer check after re-mount    
Calibration System
CalUnitSystem Optics/Mounting inspection (dirt/loose screws) 12   Plastic cover could dissolve over time as not UV resistant.
CalUnitSystem SwingArms inspection (cracks/loose screws) 12    
CalUnitSystem Electronics fix broken part on demand    
WFS System
Dichroic+Fold Mirror lubricate drives 12 or as needed 2018-10-05 / GR  
Dichroic+Fold Mirror cleaning optics 12 2019-08-13 / GR  
WFS Entrance Window cleaning on demand    
WFS Pressed Air Filter cleaning/change tbd lorenzo    
WFSCamera pump 6    
  clean/change wagerfilter tbd Hans    
ARGOS Main Chiller check glycol level (add if needed) 12   In Telescope PM system
ARGOS Main Chiller Filter in Chamber cleaning/change 12   In Telescope PM system
ARGOS Electronics
Cabinet fan + cooler inspect for dust and debris accumulation 12    
Cooling lines inspect for leaks 12    
LM2 thermocoupler connectors clean with isopropyl 12    
ARGOS Software security updates/OS updates on demand    
Maintenance Laptops battery check 12    

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