The following instructions apply if you want to run ARGOS from the obs-machines in the LBT control room. If you are not at the telescope and want to run ARGOS remotely just follow HowToConnectToARGOSWorkstationAtLBT

Log in on an obs machine

Any obs machine in the LBT control room has the user "argos".
  1. Log in as user "argos". (user:argos, hint for pwd: UsefulLoginInfo)
  2. To run ARGOS you have now to use VNC (see: Start VNC client)
Note: Even it might be tempting don't use ssh to much for launching GUIs from the server machines it can slow down traffic dramatically.

Start VNC client

There are two ways to open the vncviewer for the individual ARGOS servers.

First, open vncviewer with the buttons on the panel. You will get a pop up asking for the password of the machine you want to log on (hint for pwd: UsefulLoginInfo)


Or second, open vnc viewers from konsol:
  1. Open a terminal
  2. Start VNC client: > vncviewer IPaddress:display# where the IPaddress is from IP list, and display is a number between 1 and 4. Display number 1 and 2 are reserved for official operators in the control room. Use 3 and 4 if you don't recognize yourself in this definition.
  3. Type the argos password of the workstation you are connecting to. (hint for pwd: UsefulLoginInfo)

Put VNC in full screen mode

  1. Open a terminal in the VNC session
  2. Type: > vncFullScreen xxx yyy where xxx is the horizontal resolution of the screen and yyy the vertical one. Full HD monitor are typically 1920 1080, i.e.
    vncFullScreen 1920 1080
  3. In the VNC session press F8 and select "set to Fullscreen"
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