*** IMPORTANT: This configuration has been removed. Final solution uses a fiber switch. It is left here for reference only. (GR/2017-02-10) See HowToUseTheFiberSwitch instead***


The ARGOS fiber splitter is needed to double the output channels of FLAO fastlink and direct the first output directly to the AdSec, while the second FLAO output is direct to the ARGOS BCU.


In addition to the connections highlighted in the above drawings the ARGOS BCU is directly linekd to the AdSec:
  • ARGOS SX-WFS (BCU output) LIU-0602-7-4 is connected to AO-SX Fastlink ARGOS LIU-0605-2-3
  • ARGOS DX-WFS (BCU output) LIU-0602-8-4 is connected to AO-SX Fastlink ARGOS LIU-0605-5-3

Detailed documentation of the Upper Left and Lower Treehouses (ULTH and LLTH/LRTH) fiber connections: -- MarcoBonaglia - 19 May 2016
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