How to Get Information about Old Calibration

The starting point is the tag of a combined reconstructor. All the information about the reconstructor is inside the crec object.
Look up the source file "$REPOSITORY/src/argos/arbitrator/aoloop/".
With typing crec.and pressingTab one can see all methods of this class in an argos terminal. Similar for further objects.

In argos_?x_terminal:

crec= argos.aarbCalibrationManager.aoLoopCombinedReconstructorMatrix(tag)
lgsw_rec= argos.aarbCalibrationManager.aoLoopLgswReconstructorMatrix(crec.getLgswReconstructorTag())
flao_rec= argos.aarbCalibrationManager.aoLoopFlaoReconstructorMatrix(crec.getFlaoReconstructorTag())

All the information about the interaction matrix is inside the im object.
Look up the source file ""$REPOSITORY/src/argos/arbitrator/aoloop/".

im= argos.aarbCalibrationManager.aoLoopLgswInteractionMatrix(lgsw_rec.getInteractionMatrixTag(), argos.lgsw.calibrationManager)
mh= argos.aarbCalibrationManager.aoLoopModalHistory(im.getModalHistoryTag())
modalAmpTag= mh.modalAmplitudeTag() 

-- TommasoMazzoni - 22 Feb 2018
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