How to generate sinusoidal disturbances

from argos.arbitrator.aoloop.sinusoidal_disturbance import SinusoidalDisturbance
sinDist=  SinusoidalDisturbance(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, listOfModes, listOfAmplitudeInNmSurface, modalBasisTag, LoopFreq, listOfDistFreq)
argos.aarbCalibrationManager.saveAoLoopSinusoidalDisturbance(sinDist, 'sinDistTag')

Examples of a disturbance with one mode and a disturbance with two modes.
sd0_100_30=  SinusoidalDisturbance(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, 0, 100, 'KL_v18', 970, 30)
sd0_100_30__1_100_70=  SinusoidalDisturbance(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, [0,1], [100,100], 'KL_v18', 970, [30,70])

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