Configure Hexapod from PSFGUI

0) Login as LBTO on obs3 and start "PSFGUI right" (or left)

1) Click on "secondary" button

2) In the secondary PSF GUI insert the proper Hexapod coordinates in the "Global Offset" field (don't forget return, values must be black) and click update (for the last values see: HowToSetupHexapodForCalibrationUnit)

3) Remove all the corrections from Active Optics, Instrument Offset, etc.. fields

4) Disable "Temperature corrections" and "Lookup Table"

5) Check that the values in the Hexapod platform position column and Total Collimation row are the same

6) Click on "collimate" button at the bottom of the GUI


7) On the PSF GUI click on "tertiary" button

8) On the tertiary PSF GUI click on the "collimate" button

Hexapod coordinates history

See HowToSetupHexapodForCalibrationUnit

-- MarcoBonaglia - 06 Nov 2014
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