How to define a subapertures set

To create a new subapertures set or just modify the slope computing method you have 2 possibilities:
  1. create a new subapertures set:
  2. modify an existing subapertures set

How to create a new subapertures set

  1. Check pupils centers on ccd_viewer (the XY coordinates of the viewer are inverted with respect the python code)
  2. Open the defineSupertures procedure in the lgsw sandbox
  3. Set the measured centers coordinates in the procedure
  4. From terminal make-install the code
  5. Open an argos terminal
  6. Type:
from argos.lgsw import sandbox

How to restore an existing subaperture set

  1. Open an argos terminal
  2. Restore a subaperture set:

How to modify an existing subaperture set

The subaperture class implements the possibility to shift independently the 3 pupils of an existing subaperture set. To perform this action follow these instructions:
  1. In the LGSW controller GUI set the subaperture definition tag you want to modify
  2. Check the real pupils centers on the ccd_viewer (the XY coordinates of the viewer are inverted with respect the python code)
  3. On the same GUI check the actual subapertures set centers
  4. Compute the difference: [xShift, yShift]= [xRealPupilCenter - xActualSubapsCenter, yRealPupilCenter - yActualSubapsCenter]
  5. Restore the subaperture set you want to modify
  6. In the same terminal type (using pupId= 0 for BlueChannel, pupId= 1 for YellowChannel, pupId= 2 for RedChannel,):
sb.shiftPupil(pupId, [xShift, yShift])

How to remove subapertures from a set

  1. Open a ccd_viewer and select in the Display drop down menu the idSubAp property.
  2. Identify the index of the subap that you want to add/remove just moving the mouse on it.
  3. In the argos terminal type:

How to select a slope computing algorithm

The default slope computing algorithm is CoG. A different one can be chosen modifying the weight or threshold values of each subaperture in the set:

SC algo Terminal command
TCoG48 [x.setFixThreshold(48.) for x in sb.values()]

How to save a subapertures set

  1. In the argos terminal type:
argos.lgsw.calibrationManager.saveSubaperturesDefinition(sb, 'SubapTag', None)

Subap definition history

Subap tag SC algo Removed suabps
20150226_233800 TCoG48 [251,265,266,267,281,74,88,89,90,104,428,442,443,444,458,66,81,96,111]
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