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How to Create an Lgsw Only Reconstructor using a single WFS

For pure diagnostic reasons we sometime had the need of producing a single wfs reconstrucor, to close the loop on a single LGS WFS

To do this, we start from an existing InteractionMatrix object and we create single LGS WFS reconstructor specifying the WfsID: 0 for Blue, 1 for Yellow, 2 for Red

How to retrieve a InteractionMatrix Object from a working Combined Reconstructor Tag

Suppose you have are using a combined reconstructor with tag 20181220_070800. The interaction

Part of the procedure to follow are the same:
  1. Open an ARGOS terminal
  2. Type:
lgswRec= argos.aarbCalibrationManager.aoLoopLgswReconstructorMatrix(comboRec.getLgswReconstructorTag())
lgswIM= argos.aarbCalibrationManager.aoLoopLgswInteractionMatrix(lgswRec.getInteractionMatrixTag(), argos.lgsw.calibrationManager)

How to create single LGSW Reconstructors

Now we can go on producing the 3 individual LGSW Reconstructors. We name them 20180223_004000_B/Y/R as the original lgswRec is 20180223_004000

lgswRecB = lgswIM.createReconstructorObject(lgswIM.getIndexOfModes(), wfsID=0)
argos.aarbCalibrationManager.saveAoLoopLgswReconstructorMatrix(lgswRecB, '20180223_004000_B')
lgswRecY = lgswIM.createReconstructorObject(lgswIM.getIndexOfModes(), wfsID=1)
argos.aarbCalibrationManager.saveAoLoopLgswReconstructorMatrix(lgswRecY, '20180223_004000_Y')
lgswRecR = lgswIM.createReconstructorObject(lgswIM.getIndexOfModes(), wfsID=2)
argos.aarbCalibrationManager.saveAoLoopLgswReconstructorMatrix(lgswRecR, '20180223_004000_R')

Last step: create CombinedReconstructor from single LGSW Reconstructors

If we want to test the newly produced reconstructor we need to convert them into CombinedReconstructorMatrix objects See HowToCreateACombinedReconstructor (it should be like here below)

from argos.arbitrator.aoloop.combined_reconstructor_matrix import CombinedReconstructorMatrix
comboRec= CombinedReconstructorMatrix(argos.aarbCalibrationManager)
comboRec.fromLgsw(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, '20180223_004000_B', '20200305_161700_B')
comboRec.fromLgsw(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, '20180223_004000_Y', '20200305_161700_Y')
comboRec.fromLgsw(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, '20180223_004000_R', '20200305_161700_R')
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