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How to Create a Combined Reconstrucor

The calibrations that can be used to run the system are only of CombinedReconstructor type. Even if you want e.g. to use an LGSW only reconstructor you have to create a CombinedReconstructor out of the LGSWReconstructor.

Different combined reconstructors can be generated using different tip-tilt sensors:
  1. LGSW only: when also the tip-tilt is corrected by the LGSW
  2. PYR: when tip-tilt is corrected by the PyramidWFS
  3. QC: when tip-tilt is corrected by the QuadCell
Part of the procedure to follow are the same:
  1. Open an ARGOS terminal
  2. Type:
from argos.arbitrator.aoloop.combined_reconstructor_matrix import CombinedReconstructorMatrix
comboRec= CombinedReconstructorMatrix(argos.aarbCalibrationManager)

Then there are different commands for different combining schemes:
comboRec.fromTipTiltAndLgsw(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, 'LGSW_REC_TAG', 'QC_REC_TAG', numberOfHighOrderLgswModes, 'COMBO_REC_TAG')
comboRec.fromFlaoAndLgsw(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, 'LGSW_REC_TAG', 'FLAO_REC_TAG', numberOfLowOrderFlaoModes, numberOfHighOrderLgswModes, 'COMBO_REC_TAG')
  • TT on LGSW:
comboRec.fromLgsw(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, 'LGSW_REC_TAG', 'COMBO_REC_TAG')
  • FLAO only rec (to be used through AArb):
comboRec.fromFlao(argos.aarbCalibrationManager, 'FLAO_REC_TAG', numberOfHighOrderFlaoModes, 'COMBO_REC_TAG')
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