How to Build FLAO and TrueSens Recs for ARGOS

If there are new FLAO Recs this procedure will guide you in building the Rec for ARGOS based on the new FLAO Recs.
FLAO reconstructor can be found in and named as:

FLAO reconstructor has names like:

Corresponding pupil masks can be checked and found following HowToChageFLAOPupilMask.

  • Copy the new reconstructor from FLAO workstation to the coresponding ARGOS calib directory (/home/argos/nfs/calib/SIDE/aarb/aoloop/flaorec/).
    The new recs start from slope 0.
  • To build the reconstructor for truth sensing you have to shift the FLAO Rec from the slopes 0 to 1200. Save the new Rec as Rec_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_argos.fits into /home/argos/nfs/calib/SIDE/aarb/aoloop/truth_sensing_rec/:
import pyfits

newF2Rec= pyfits.getdata('/home/argos/nfs/calib/DX/aarb/aoloop/flaorec/Rec_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.fits')
newTS2Rec= np.zeros((672,1600))
pyfits.writeto('/home/argos/nfs/calib/SIDE/aarb/aoloop/truth_sensing_rec/Rec_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_argos.fits', newTS2Rec)
  • Copy the new truesensing reconstructor from the ARGOS workstation to the FLAO machine:
cd /home/argos/nfs/calib/SIDE/aarb/aoloop/flaorec
scp Rec_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_argos.fits argos@flao-SIDEwfs:/home/argos/confcalib/calib/wfs/W#SIDE/truesense/
  • Update the ao table_LUCIFER_ARGOS_TRUTH.txt and table_LUCIFER_ARGOS_TT.txt as "argos" at "flao-SIDEwfs":
cd /home/argos/confcalib/calib/wfs/W#SIDE/ao/
vi table_ARGOS_TRUTH.txt 
  • Update the truesense.conf table on "flao-SIDEwfs":
cd /home/argos/confcalib/conf/wfs/W2/processConf
vi truesense.conf
  • Install into aoroot:
cd /home/argos/confcalib
make install-conf -f Makefile.argos
  • Commit new table to svn:pwd
cd /home/argos/confcalib/calib/wfs/W#SIDE/ao/
svn ci
cd /home/argos/confcalib/conf/wfs/W2/processConf
svn ci
  • Commit new Recs to svn:
cd /home/argos/confcalib/calib/wfs/W#SIDE/truesense/
svn add Rec*
svn ci

-- TommasoMazzoni - 21 Feb 2018
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