How to Add a New Modal Basis

When the ASM is re-calibrated a new modal basis is created and saved in the ASM computer.
We need to produce a local copy of the modal basis file called m2c.fits (modes-to-commands).
See below
[argos@sx-lgsw ~]$ cd nfs/calib/SX/aarb/aoloop/m2c
[argos@sx-lgsw m2c]$ mkdir KL_v20
[argos@sx-lgsw m2c]$ cd KL_v20/
[argos@sx-lgsw KL_v20]$ scp flao@wfssx:/home/flao/TEST/calib/adsec/current/M2C/KL_v20/amp_envelope.fits .
[argos@sx-lgsw KL_v20]$ scp flao@wfssx:/home/flao/TEST/calib/adsec/current/M2C/KL_v20/m2c.fits .
[argos@sx-lgsw KL_v20]$ chmod 644 amp_envelope.fits
[argos@sx-lgsw KL_v20]$ ipython --pylab
In [1]: import pyfits
In [2]: m2c_20= pyfits.getdata('m2c.fits')
In [3]: from scipy.linalg import pinv2
In [4]: c2m_20= pinv2(m2c_20)
In [5]: pyfits.writeto('c2m.fits', c2m_20)

20210709.-Current KL modal base: KL_v20.

-- LorenzoBusoni - 08 Mar 2016
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