Howto Acquire Frames With Patrol Camera At Full Speed

Data acquired using tools in:
[argos@sx-lgsw x64]$ pwd
/home/argos/Downloads/AVTCam/AVT GigE SDK/bin-pc/x64

  1. Stop from monit PatCamBlue basdard
  2. Start SimpleViewer and
    1. set Mono8
    2. set Binning X and Y to 8
    3. set exposure time to the proper value to avoid saturation
    4. set Framerate to 60
  3. Close SimpleViewer
  4. mkdir pippo1
  5. Use Stream2JPEG

[argos@sx-lgsw x64]$ ./Stream2JPEG 60 1000 100 10 10 pippo1
Camera is up&running ...
000996|000996 001|000

Speed is about the nominal one: it takes 16 sec the acquisition above

The program is spawning a bunch of cameraReaders and JPEGwriters in parallel: Did we ever checked that the frames are stored in the correct order? I mean: has 1.jpg actually been acquired after 0.jpg? I think so, but confirmation can come from reading carefully the code in /home/argos/Downloads/AVTCam/AVT\ GigE\ SDK/examples/Stream2JPEG

-- LorenzoBusoni - 12 Dec 2016
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