Full ARGOS Start up procedure

This procedure describes how to start up ARGOS from scratch.

After summer shutdown or a longer periode of non use the system might have been switched off completely. Therefore, some hardware has to be started first. For this tasks you have to be on the mountain.
  1. Start Chiller: see HowToStartChiller
  2. Power on Laser Supply Rack: see HowToEnableMainPower
  3. Check the WFS CCD cameras pressure and pump if needed: WfsCameraPump
Now the software can be started up.
  1. Log into ARGOS computer. Two options are possible:
    1. The recommended way: Login as user "argos" on the desktop computers in the control room.
    2. Alternative: Remotely on the servers in the computer room via VNC: HowToLogInAndConnectToVNC
  2. Start Software: see HowToStartSoftware
  3. Power up the system with the arbitrator. see HowToPowerUP. Alternatively the individual systems can be powered up.
    1. Power up the laser subsystem: see HowToPowerUpLAS
    2. Power up the launch subsystem: see HowToPowerUpLAN
    3. Power up the wavefront sensor subsystem: see HowToPowerUpLGSW
    4. < NOT LONGER NEEDED>Power up the tip tilt subsystem: see HowToPowerUpTIPTILT
    5. Power up the calibration unit subsystem: see HowToPowerUpCalUnit
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