LBT EngPanel

LBT EngPanel is a tool developed by Microgate to configure and connect to a BCU unit.

The attached software runs on Windows machines, and require the installation of a Microgate network driver.

Installation of software

  1. Download Engpanel_w_driver-1.rar (see also the Eng Panel including source code LBTEngPanel_v3.07.tar)
  2. Unpack the zip file. Right click on the network ethernet interface, select Properties and click on Install...
  3. Select Protocol and click on Add.., then Driver Disk and select the folder containing packet.inf.
  4. Copy fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts.

Running on VirtualBox

A Windows XP installation as a guest in VirtualBox is ok to run the EngPanel. The network has to be set accordingly. Both WorkStation1 an WorkStation2 have VirtualBox installed with a Windows XP image ready to be used.

Use of LBT Eng Panel

Starting the Eng Panel on LGSW workstations.

  1. Run virtualbox: see here
  2. Click on the EngPanel icon on the Desktop or in a folder named "BCU tools and EngPanel " on the Desktop.

Configuration of network interface on the PC running the EngPanel

Assign to the PC ethernet interface an IP address of the same subnet of the BCU (i.e.

This step has already been done for the EngPanel running on the VirtualBox systems on WorkStation1 and WorkStation2

Connecting the EngPanel to the BCU

  1. As a first step you want to be sure that the EngPanel is the only program communicating with the BCU and no other data are sent to the BCU: Shutdown the BCU basdard (you can use the MonitServiceManager), stop WFS Camera frames (use deactivateADCClocking), reboot the BCU (open the LgswRack, identify the BCU and press the red button for 3 seconds)
  2. In the Configuration/Remote IP dialog write the BCU IP address (i.e., port 10000 and click OK. Official IP addresses are and for the DX and SX units respectively.
  1. In the main window click on Connect. "Connected to BCU: Mac xxxx - IP xxxx" should appear in the status window on bottom of the EngPanel
  2. Select the desired operation in the drop-down menu and click Start. As a first test to check that the connection was correctly established we suggest to run Diagnostic Monitor that is a read-only operation.

Change the BCU IP address (or set it if you don't know which IP address it has)

  • Start Engineering Panel and configure it. Connect to the BCU
  • From the drop-down menu select "Set BCU IP Address"
  • Write the MAC address of the BCU and push Set the new IP button. *NOTE that only in this case you will not receive any reply!!!
  • Reset the BCU

Flash a new FPGA Logic

It's a 2 stage operation: 1) clear FPGA logic, 2) write new FPGA logic

  1. Check that the BOOT switch on the BCU is on USER and not on DEFAULT.
  2. Connect engpanel to BCU (see above)
  3. Select Flash Clear from drop-down menu
  4. Select First and Last DSP. You typically wants FF that means BCU board, Otherwise use even numbers in the same order in which the board are inserted in the crate. For ARGOS is ADC board (a.k.a. DSP) =0, HVC0=2, HVC1=4
  5. Select User Logic from the drop-down menu named "Flash block"
  6. Check want reply
  7. Press Send
  8. Wait 10s until a "Cmd c8" appears in the reply packet list
  9. Select Flash Write Same from drop-down menu
  10. Select First and Last DSP (FF means BCU board, then even numbers in the same order in which the board are inserted in the crate. For ARGOS is ADC board (a.k.a. DSP) =0, HVC0=2, HVC1=4
  11. Select User Logic
  12. Check "Want reply" and "Create multiple packets"
  13. Select rbf file
  14. Press "Send" and wait
  15. Press Disconnect
  16. Reset the BCU crate (Red button) and wait 10/20s
  17. Press Connect again
  18. Select Diagnostic Monitor from drop-down menu and press Start
  19. Confirm that new FPGA version is installed

Read Flash memory to recover Logic and Program (Nios)

The LBT_Eng panel v3.07 proposes to read the Flash and write it to a file but doesn't actually fill it (file size stays 0). Thus use the following Matlab script (using the Mario matlab libraries MicrogateMatlabLib, incl fastlink test): readFlash.m See also the comments in this file (Note that the addresses use to read back were taken from the source code headers LBTEngPanel_v3.07.tar.)


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