This unit is not labeled, and we have not kept track of the S/N

Known history

When Where Who What
201311xx MPE JZ Installed in DichroicControllerAndWebIOModule01 for the dichroic axis
20141202 LBT MB, LB, TM Controller reprogrammed with rta_Dic_00_14_12_02_LBT.txt
20170305 LBT LB Read back memory rta_Dic_00_17_03_05_LBT_DX.txt

Know issues

When What
20141202 Dichroic motor stuck in parking position, emitting high noise during the free run. There is sticky grease at the end of the rails: removed. Screw is quite dry. Stop and restarting fixed. Program modified to abort movement and signal error

Current known config

When What
20141202 rta_Dic_00_14_12_02_LBT.txt
20140318 rta_Dic_00_14_03_18_LBT.txt
20170305 rta_Dic_00_17_03_05_LBT_DX.txt


see DichroicController

List of components devices

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