When What Log Notes
20151005 WG+DP arrival and Gusset installation DayTime20151005  
20151006 Setup laser tracker and first measurment DayTime20151006  
20151007 SX CalSource laser tracker and visible on table alignment DayTime20151007 Raining into the dome.
20151008 SX CalSource adjustment on WFS table with screen DayTime20151008  
20151009 SX swing arm shimming DayTime20151009

Power cycling of swing arm controller recovered not understood network connection loss.

Raining into the dome.

20151010 First try of LAT mounting DayTime20151010  
20151011 Final LAT alignment and mounting. DayTime20151011

Swing arm controller was switched of already the night before.

SX pupil mirror not moving.

20151012 LAT cabling and testing DayTime20151012  
20151013 Full team arrival DayTime20151013  
20151014 LgswUnitDx connection. LgswUnitSx pipes installed. LBC Sx serviced (mots!). CalUnitSx alignment check with mask. DayTime20151014 Glycole spilling on DX.
20151015 LgswUnitSx installation DayTime20151015  
20151016 LgswUnitDx and LgswUnitSx configuration and test DayTime20151016 Rainy night
20151017 AgwSx installation, TT fiber routing DayTime20151017 Rain
20151018 Measure of LgswUnitSx FoVs DayTime20151018  
20151019 LgswUnitSx internal calibrations. LAT pointing test DayTime20151019 NightTime20151019 Humidity
20151020 AArb & LAT test NightTime20151020 Humidity & clouds
20151021 SW debug, CalUnit activity on Sx NightTime20151021 Humidity & snow
20151022 Sx LGS guiding calibrations, BeamShaping test NightTime20151022 Bad M3 alignment, Hip9680
20151023 LgswUnitSx open loop data, VibComp gain optimization and test, TipTiltSensor calibrations NightTime20151023 Hip102605, Hip18130, Hip18130, Hip28711

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