When What Log Notes
20150816 MB at LBT DayTime20150816  
20150817   DayTime20150817  
20150818 LB at LBT DayTime20150818  
20150819 Functional check LgswUnitSx. Zabbix update DayTime20150819  
20150820 Functional check LgswUnitSx. New Pockels cell installed. Zabbix update DayTime20150820  
20150821 Functional check LgswUnitSx. DayTime20150821  
20150822 Functional check LgswUnitSx. Refurbishment LgswUnitDx started (manyfold, disassembly unit) DayTime20150821  
20150823 LgswUnitSx Poweroff. Starting camera on Dx with electronics of Sx DayTime20150823  
20150824 Dx pupil motor alignment. Labeling. Piezo's flange and lenslet array mount modified DayTime20150824  
20150825 SR, JZ at LBT. Dx piezo mirror alignment. Pockels Cells upgrade DayTime20150825  
20150826 PockelsCells upgrade. Internal calibration unit alignment. LA alignment. DayTime20150826  
20150827 PockelsCells installation in LgswUnitSx and LgswUnitDx DayTime20150827  
20150828 LgswUnitDx installation on the telescope DayTime20150828  
20150829 AdSecDx glycol leak. LgswUnitDx covered. LgswUnitSx and LgswRack2 stored DayTime20150829  
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