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Activity summary

When What Log Notes
20150213 LM1 upgrade DayTime20150213  
20150214 LM1 upgrade    
20150215 LM1 upgrade DayTime20150215  
20150216 LM1 upgrade    
20150217 LM1 upgrade    
20150218 LM1 upgrade DayTime20150218  
20150219 LM1 upgrade, PockelsCellsTransmission DayTime20150219  
20150220 LM1 upgrade, TipTiltSystemDx test DayTime20150220  
20150221 LgswUnitDx operation, Flow meter installation, Calibration light sources, Laser system test, LUCI support, Truth sensor software development DayTime20150221  
20150222 LgswUnitDx operation, LUCI image optimization, JitterCompensation test, TipTiltSystemDx operations DayTime20150222  
20150223 TipTiltSystemDx calibrations, TipTiltSystemDx test, PYR vs QC TipTilt correction, Effects of rotation on QC IM/REC, JitterCompensation test DayTime20150223 NightTime20150223 Snow
20150224 IM bewteen piezo TT mirror and TS modes, Test of the FastLink fibers splitter NightTime20150224 Snow
20150225 Zenith operation, NGC2419, PockelsCellsTransmission test NightTime20150225 Few clouds, PBL with LGS closed loop >36 modes
20150226 PockelsCellsTransmission test, Subapertures redefinition, Reference Pupil and Piezo position for IM, LGSW to ASM interaction matrix, RECs test, 200 modes control test, BUG in REC generation & new RECs, Hip 40075, Hip 67995, VibrationSystemDx test, Hip 67995 (field stabilization mode), NCG 5272, NCG 5272 (dithering) NightTime20150226 20150227_130159_modalPlot_modes2D.pptx, DataAnalysis20150227
20150227 Autogain test (QC + LGSW), QC hot spot on CCD47, JitterCompensation test, FLAO fiber splitter test NightTime20150227 Wind / humidity
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