• List of action items for the run:
  • List of SW action items for the run:
  • Schedule for people and tasks:

When What Log Notes
20170426   DayTime20170426  
20170427 MB arrived at LBT DayTime20170427  
20170428 DayTime20170428  
20170429 DayTime20170429  
20170430 APD test: fail! DayTime20170430  
20170501 Worker's day, DayTime20170501 NightTime2017501 1/2 night lost for tech issues
20170502 zc406690, 272-D, NGC5466, EGC24985, P182-E NightTime2017502 bad seeing

LgswSystemSx test with sinusoidal REC

LEGA-C 1, PLCKG165, P177-D, SDSSJ1985

DayTime20170503 NightTime20170503  
20170504 NightTime20170504  
20170505 NightTime20170505 clouds & hash, open 2h
20170506   NightTime20170506 wind, open 2h
20170507   NightTime20170507 wind and snow, closed

List of targets

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