When What Log Notes
20161011 Arrival at telescope of the team, first check on HW DayTime20161011  
20161012 Visual Inspection, SX PockelsCellsTransmission test, LgswUnitSx CL test, Laser Power Measurement DayTime20161012  
20161013 LgswUnitSx AO calibration, LgswUnitSx FoV measurement, LgswUnitSx AO calibrations with optimized FoV, PockelsCellsTransmission test DayTime20161013  
20161014 LgswUnitSx AO calibration, LgswUnitSx Truth Sensing DayTime20161014  
20161015 DayTime20161015  
20161016 LgswUnitDx work DayTime20161016  
20161017 Sx side, Comparison between QC and Pyramid DayTime20161017  
20161018 G1, Wise 0342+37, NGC2419 DayTime20161018, NightTime20161018 First 1/2 night to LUCI/AO
20161019 HESS_J1943p213, 8_o_clock, Maffei 2 NightTime20161019 Second 1/2 night to LUCI/AO, AdSecSx disk full, several RIPs
20161020 G111.25, 1180-0032995, 1282-0122482 NightTime20161020 Bad seeig, many SW and AdSec issues

ETG0895, 8_o_clock

DayTime20161021 NightTime20161021 Great seeing! LAN heater fault, half night to LUCI/AO
20161022 8_o_clock, Maffei2, LRLL54361, NGC2419 DayTime20161022 NightTime20161022 First 1/2 night to LUCI/AO
20161023 8_o_clock, IC345, NGC2419 DayTime20161023 NightTime20161023 First 1/2 night to LUCI/AO, LAN heater fault, LM1 A1 SX had to be exchanged, a lot of glitches
20161024 LUCI flexure test, LM1 A1 SX (and DX) resetting DayTime20161024
Clouds and rain, closed all night.
20161025 8_o_clock



First 1/2 night to LUCI/AO

List of targets

Luci observing logs

  • Collection of pretty pictures from the run:
  • LUCI1 observing logs:
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