ARGOS daytime testing 2020-06-09

Participants: Lorenzo B., Marco B., Wolfgang G., Gustavo R., Carl H., Shane W.


AdSec set up for UAO (default is SOUL):

1) ssh into sxadsec as AOeng
2) open adsec arbitrator GUI, rest shell, turn shell off
3) adsc_stop
4) cd; cd UAO; source
5) adsc_start
6) open adsec arbitrator GUI, Load Program, Set Flat

In soul-wfs, processes restarted as user "argos"

* In monit, start LAN and LAS processes first (controllers may be enough). Then LGSW processes (AARB last). Otherwise LAN and LAS controller basdards die.


* BCU diagnostics was not working. Arbitrator state would timeout when trying to go to Prepare. BCU diagnostics tab (in Eng GUI) would show just "?" for all entries.

The problem was that the BCU config file had the wrong MAC address for diagnostics destination (as seen in BCU main tab). It was different than the one shown for p3p1 (ifconfig -a).

* Pupil motors positions for internal diodes:

Blue: [353, 358]

Yellow: [358, 376]

Red: [644, 378]

Pockels Cells Transmission Test

Followed instructions at the bottom of this page:

Internal humidity is too low: around 7% (from the Interrnal Monitor tab in the LAB GUI).

Blue and Yellow are not happy.

SX pct 2020-06-09.png

* SOUL OCAM2K was in a bad state, as shown by the typical "diagonal" pattern. Greg recovered it by restarting the whole WFS.

OCAM2K bad state 2020-06-09 at 10.39.56 AM.png

-- LorenzoBusoni - 09 Jun 2020
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