Remember to configure AdSec for UAO (that means it accepts 1600 slopes as it was in the good old days). Now the default is for SOUL with 2400 slopes

Doug knows what to do (and now Gustavo does too!).

Also the pyramid WFS must be run as argos@soul-sxwfs

Single eyes reconstructors

We have run tests with LGSW only (without pyramid) with Reconstructor for the single eyes, to get rid of issues due to the fact that it is very hard to illuminate the pupils all together with the calibration unit.

We created in the past days 20200305_161700_B, 20200305_161700_Y, 20200305_161700_R that comes from XXX (TBC, the same IM we use on sky) We noticed that the Blue Rec as a different visual aspect than the Yellow and Red, with almost no signal. It didn't sound good to us

We tested today individually the 3 reconstructors.

Short message: Yellow only works ok, Blue does NOT work (loop crashes immediately with high-gain=0.1), Red works ok

This sounds like a real issue: most likely the combined reconstructor used on sky has issues as well.

Collected snapshots to be analyzed

Updated position of the pupil motors. They were off by 10-15 steps wrt to current best position, estimated looking at slopes residual at high gain. This is not enough to cause troubles on-sky

Pockels cells test

We run the test of the Pockels cell transmission (as in PockelsCellsTransmission)

Results are shown in the picture, with bad shutting capability of both blue and red cells. This will cause large spots on-sky (only on Blue and Red: what was observed in previous runs?).

PCT 20200310.jpg
['20200310_171750', '20200310_171825', '20200310_171847', '20200310_171904', '20200310_171921']

We know that too dry air in the cells can cause charge accumulation affecting the performance of the cells. We asked the mountain crew to reduce the flux of dry air into SX LGSW. We'll monitor and repeat this test in a couple of days

-- LorenzoBusoni - 10 Mar 2020
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