UT 00:45 opening up the telescope.UT 01:20 getting telescope collimated

UT 02:08 time of flight didn't know KL_v26
had to change ngs_truth_sensor.py

What a dirty hack!! Why is this hardcoded and not documented!!!

UT 02:23 hacked pupil_red and pupil_yellow as well as the formen
with current night parameters
restarted AARB again as KL_v26 flight of time had
opposite to chosen sign

UT 04:10 after some forth and back with the time of flight
closing loop and seeing ripples moving to higher target
to get better flat.

With a 405 mode flat very smooth but overall not to much correction (high layer?)On try with a 153 mode flat it soon crashed.

UT 05:39 going to MPE science target

UT 09:46 taking some snapshots of the ripples

KL_v26, 253 flat modes, TT 0.8, LoG 0.1, HiG 0

TN 20190117_094719
TN 20190117_094823
TN 20190117_094919

-- LorenzoBusoni - 17 Jan 2019
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