On telescope work (MB, SR, ML)

9:00: up on telescope to put back LgswUnitSx red EW that was moved when cleaned...

Then we check the LgswUnitDx that had a spot on the Yellow pupil. The internal calibration unit is ok, we check with external source and the shade is still there, we measure a factor 7 in loss of light. The shade is still while moving both the Pupil motor and the PI mirror. We suspect a problem with the Pockels cell... The LgswUnitDx must be craned off.

20161014_193500_FluxSubapMap.png 20161014_193700_FluxSubapMap.png

We also route the new fibers in the LgswRack2:

unnamed.jpg  unnamed_1_.jpg  unnamed_2_.jpg unnamed_3_.jpg

13:30: we start to crane down the LgswUnitDx

15:30: LgswUnitDx is in clean room

18:30: servicinig finished: PC yellow exchanged with spare, Pat cams cleaned, EW cleaned

LgswUnitSx AO calibration

Then we try to acquire IMs independently for the 3 WFS and to merge them in a single IM:
  • Yellow IM: 20161013_184308
  • Blue IM: 20161013_185455
  • Red IM: 20161013_185810
the total IM is:
  • IM: 20161015_000500

From the new IM we calculate the new RECs:
  • LGSW REC: 20161015_000600
  • COMBO only LGSW REC: 20161015_000700
  • COMBO PyrBin2 + LGSW REC: 20161015_000800
  • COMBO PyrBin4 + LGSW REC: 20161015_000900
  • COMBO QC + LGSW REC: 20161015_001000

LgswUnitSx Truth Sensing

We test the Truth Sensing changing the flux on the Pyramid WFS and adding a disturbance equivalent to 1" seeing.

TN AO Gain AO CL TT Res. WF [nm rms] HO Res. WF [nm rms] AO rec DIMM ["] JCL PCL Notes
20161014_193018 0.2,0.1,0.05 T 125.429 27.3082 20161013_194100 -1 T F mag=9, no dist
20161014_194352 0.2,0.1,0.05 T 123.252 27.0559 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_194902 0.5,0.5,0.4 T 78.1559 39.312 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_195138 0.5,0.5,0.4 T 76.7463 39.6749 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_202656 0.5,0.5,0.4 T 174.61 36.1368 20161013_194100 -1 T F mag=15, no dist
20161014_202713 0.5,0.5,0.4 T 189.281 36.0788 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_202931 0.5,0.5,0.4 T 177.245 59.3486 20161013_194100 -1 T F mag=15, 1" dist
20161014_203002 0.5,0.5,0.4 T 185.801 59.3445 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_203120 1.2,0.5,0.4 T 141.864 63.6206 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_205248 0.4,0.5,0.4 T 192.874 63.0017 20161013_194100 -1 T F mag=16, 1"dist
20161014_205311 0.4,0.5,0.4 T 194.135 59.826 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_205327 0.4,0.5,0.4 T 186.203 59.9054 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_205439 0.4,0.5,0.4 T 204.549 60.8431 20161013_194100 -1 T F
20161014_205620 0.4,0.5,0.4 T 210.714 65.5995 20161013_194100 -1 T F

NB: the Combo reconstructor 20161013_194100 is based on the IM obtained merging three IM, acquired independently for the 3 WFS. The new IM was not saved and the REC contain the tag of the BLUE IM, in this way the Truth Sensing used the BLUE IM to calculate the SlopesOffset vector. This is conceptually wrong because the BLUE IM was acquired looking only the BLUE sensor, the YELLOW and RED WFSs were not properly illuminated. The SlopesOffset vector calculated by the Truth Sensor is not the better representation of the Modes coming from the Pyramid. The Truth Sensor minimize the PyramidModes and, even in this condition, the loop converges to the better static shape of the ASM. The static shape of the ASM is the final SlopesOffset vector projected with the REC in to the modal basis. The figure below is static wavefront measured with high flux (mag=9) and without the disturbance.


Reducing the NGS flux and adding the disturbance we obtain very similar results. Below the graph shows in the modal basis the shape of the ASM. The Modal Offset is the average of 20 measures.


The plot below shows the Standard Deviation of the 20 measures in the three cases. The Std increase if we decrease the light on the Pyramid and if we add the disturbance.


We save the new Slopes Offset vector:
  • SO: 20161014_200229

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