13:30: Arrival at telescope

16:00: we try to start up both systems. Due to power outage the SX-LGSW computer was off, we turned it on again. The DX-LGSW computer was already on but it had not properly auto-mounted the NFS directory. Jose says that the DX-LGSW PC switched on before the DX-LALAS.

We switched on monits and basdards on both sides, the old software was running.

We powered up the systems from the 2 arbitrators. The SX-PNCCD was reading a pressure of 130mbar so we could not start the SX-LGSW, we put it in simulation mode.

Both systems reached the ready to calibrate on cal unit state.

We switched on also FLAO systems using the argos account.

We tried to launch on cal unit, the preset was properly sent and executed by the FLAOs.

Then we tried to close the pyrWfs loop and to check for sloping. The FLAO slopes were available in the argos frame buffer...

We shutdown and powered off both systems from the arbitrators.


  • The TS system process was not started by the FLAO operate command, so we must start the service manually clicking on the FLAO GUI LB This was only on argos@wfsdx. The file conf/wfs/W2/processConf/processList.conf has been patched. Installed with "make install-conf"
  • Powering off the DX system automatically cuts the connection to SX LAS and LAN, so it is not possible to shutdown and poweroff properly the SX system
  • If "internal sources" is selected as light source and then "prepare for observation" is clicked the LAS, LAN and TT systems receive the "prepare" command. This is not happening to LAS if "Cal source" is selected as light source. LB Fixed. The correct behaviour is that "prepare" on "internalSource" only acts on LGSW, and "prepare" on "Cal source" acts on LGSW, LAN, TT

18:00: Jose starts the software update

-- MarcoBonaglia - 11 May 2016
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