13:30: we try to calibrate the PatCam to Hexapod movement. We do steps pf 5" around the LGSW FoVs.

SX-LGSW PatCam to Hexapod IM: 20151019_203311

We determine also the PatCams targets:

Beam X Y
Blue 165 120
Yellow 164 142
Red 182 121
And from these values we build a new SX-LGSW laser acquisition target: 20151019_204300

We note that scanning Lgsw FoVs with hexapod is well accurate.In the morning we move the Red EW by 1mm towards the extern to match better the CalUnit geometry. We measure once again the SX-LGSW FoVs centers:


We may have a problem with the flux indication:blue pupil shows higher average flux when part of the pupil is vignetted...

We measure the difference in the motors positions when the CalUnit or the Internal diodes are in use:

Beam X Y
Blue 0 170
Yellow -30 130
Red 30 60
Probably we have a problem with M3 that is badly tilted. This fear comes from the 0.3deg tilt measured with the reference mask before the LgswUnitSx installation on the table.

We also fear a problem with the zeros of the Blue FoV: scanning with hexapod it shows a very small area of full illumination, while Yellow and Red show almost a 4" FoV...

We try to assess the real channels FoVs providing a flat field illumination using the smartphone screen:

TN AO Gain Res. WF [nm rms] AO rec DIMM ["] JCL PCL Notes
20151019_214109 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 F F
20151019_214332 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 F F
20151019_214408 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 F F Best measure of BlueChannel FoV
20151019_214434 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 F F Best measure of YellowChannel FoV
20151019_214456 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 F F Best measure of RedChannel FoV
So we optimize the CalUnit focus to 4.11mm and we try another scan:


After the scan we check our best guess for the 3 centers:

Hexa -0.14 -2.11 4.11 120 -707
We measure the center pf the 3 pupils considering the 4 spots around the central obstruction:

TN AO Gain Res. WF [nm rms] AO rec DIMM ["] JCL PCL Notes
20151019_225913 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 F F

Beam Pup center Subap center Delta Pup mot
Blue [128; 198] [128;191] [0;7] [333;538]
Yellow [68;81] [68;83] [0;-2] [358;516]
Red [197;81] [195;85] [2;-4] [509;488]
We redefine the SX subaps (CoG, temp: no removal): 20151019_231100, 20151019_231101 [Red shifted by +2;0]

Now we remove the following subaps
  • Blue: 66, 81, 96, 111, 126 (top row), 89 (central)
  • Yellow: 266
  • Red: 443

We create a a new set with the centers we found before and we remove those subaps. On top of this we need to make even the subaps per pupil so we remove another one on the Blue pupil (n. 38):

SX-LGSW Subapertures tag (CoG, CalUnit): 20151019_231102

Now we close the jitter loop ad we take a new initial position for piezos:

Beam X Y
Blue -0.90 -1.35
Yellow -1.70 -0.20
Red -1.75 1.80
SX-LGSW Jitter initial position: 20151019_233400

And we save a new target for pupils:

SX-LGSW Pupil stabilizer target tag: 20151019_233325

The Red pupil seems to drift, we pan it by 0;2px:

SX-LGSW Subapertures tag (CoG, CalUnit): 20151019_233800

Blue 333 478 -0.75 -1.50
Yellow 358 516 -1.70 -0.34
Red 509 478 -0.60 -1.10
SX-LGSW Jitter initial position: 20151019_234000

SX-LGSW Pupil stabilizer target tag: 20151019_234131

Hexa -0.147 -2.192 4.110 129.7 -707.3

TN AO Gain Res. WF [nm rms] AO rec DIMM ["] JCL PCL Notes
20151019_234213 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 T F
20151019_234247 0, 0, 0 NA NA -1 T T
16:50: end of CalUnit operations, we prepare for NightTime

PockelsCellsTransmission test on LgswUnitSx

TN Plot Map
('20151020_011443','20151020_011602') 20151020_011443_pcTransmission.jpg 20151020_011443_pcTransmissionMap.jpg
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