Horizon activities

JZ starts to work on ?? up to 8:00.

Zenith activities

After telescope is back to Zenith we perform several task in parallel:

  1. Reconnect cables and pipes of the LgswUnitDx that was left incomplete in August (MB)
  2. Recheck the alignment of the CalUnitSystemSx using the alignment mask (DP). We found a 0.3deg tilt of the beam in the vertical direction, towards the table plane. We don't know if it is due to a misalignment of M3 or the dichroic optics.
  3. Service the BeamCorrectorSX gears on the SX side (SR): mots are found inside the LBC box. Optics are cleaned and system is reinstalled.
  4. Supply power and ethernet on the LgswRack1 (JZ)
16:00 we have to handover the telescope.

We try to start the LgswUnitDx, we have a problem with the PCD: or the amplifier is switched off or it has a wrong IP, we can't reach it.

New PatCam angles:

Beam Angle
Blue 3.0
Yellow -172.0
Red 180.0
New Pupil motors position for IS:

Beam X Y
Blue 462 425
Yellow 282 404
Red 394 260

Check of SX CalUnit alignment

There was a tilt visible in up down direction of approximately 0.25 deg. Tertiary was move to compensate. Final position:
X Y Z RX RY RZ M3Tip M3Tilt Piston RZ
3.05 -0.45 1.9 -227 -77.3 0 -1315.97 291.009 0 0
However, even with this values the angle was not removed as M3 was not pistoned.

-- MarcoBonaglia - 15 Oct 2015
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