Piezo mirrors alignment

Alignment of periscopes. The flange has been remachined at LBT for the new periscope mirrors holders. Gola is to get the beam after the periscope parallel to the rail and in position on the target setting the PiezoPIS334 to central position (0,0). Everything is ok on BlueChannel. On YellowChannel we were forced to use 3 screws instead of 4 to hold the periscope mirror mount in position on the flange. On the RedChannel it was impossible to align using the mount tolerances: we were forced to use part of the PiezoPIS334 range.

This alignment (as the one done on DayTime20150824 for the pupil motors) is done without the wedged element of the EntranceWindow installed. When the window will be install the working position of the motors will change but the pointing should be almost preserved

BlueChannel 0, 0
YellowChannel 0, 0
RedChannel 0.000, 0.00025

-- LorenzoBusoni - 26 Aug 2015
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