20150823_170000 LgswUnitSx is powered off. Disconnected from the rack.
20150823_180000 LgswUnitDx is completely disassembled apart for WfsCamera and lenslet array. WfsCamera2 (DX) is connected to WfsCameraElectronicsRack3 (sx)

Reconfiguration of Kontron computer

Camera head color codes

Disassembly of LgswUnitDx

Position of Entrance Window field stop

Accordingly to the reference flange used for alignment, the field stops are not in the nominal 120" equilateral asterism. The optical measurement suggest that the BlueChannel and RedChannel are shifted 0.5mm radially outside, and the YellowChannel is shifted 1.5mm radially outside.

We decide not to move the windows because the light from the calibration unit is actually entering the 3 filed stops. On the other hand, browsing in DiaryRun7 notebook logs we found evidence of a measurment that show a non-perfect overlapping of the field stops with the calibration unit in day-time. This suggest that a better field-stop alignment (that can be realized only partially by shifting radially the entrance windows) may be needed once the LgswUnitSx and its calibration unit are installed

-- LorenzoBusoni - 24 Aug 2015
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