Pockels cells trasmission

TN Notes
'20150429_202605','20150429_202729' 91, 107, 87

QC test

We build a new QC REC for the QC: 20150429_112300. The IM was acquried with 0.7" spot, using the board movement procedure.

Combo REC (QC + LGSW): 20150429_110600

  -2.59 -8.84 -1.96 46.9 109.6

We close the loop on LGSW only just on 10 modes, no disturb:

TN Notes
20150429_214757 probably is broken

Repeated ASM faults

15:00: shell RIPs even is gain is 0

Time Notes
22:04:40 RIP again, gain=0
22:23:55 ARGOS fault
22:27:44 fail during shell set
22:32:23 ARGOS open loop command sent
22:42:02 ARGOS close loop command sent

We now switch ARGOS and FLAO fibers to check if it is a communication problem. Then we close on ARGOS using bent gregorian front port..

Time Notes
23:00:54 RIP using bent gregorian front and ARGOS
23:08:30 FLAO, gain 0, RIP when open loop command is sent
23:18:52 RIP when we disable slopes from ARGOS
23:35:00 Pie shape appears
23:44:00 State failure after recover fail is sent

TN Notes

Time Notes
23:50:07 RIP when runAO command is sent
23:59:00 RIP when stopAO is sent
00:01:27 Pie shape
00:14:30 RIP when slopes are disabled
00:17:30 RIP when shell is set

We reset the ARGOS, FLAO and ASM SW:

Time Notes
00:30:20 RIP when slopes are disabled
00:36:30 RIP when FLAO slopes are enabled
00:40:00 RIP when runAo is sent (slopes decimation = 1)

We dump the secondary log in this file: 20150430_005642.log

-- MarcoBonaglia - 18 May 2015
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