15:00: Cal unit operations

  -2.77 -8.90 -2.00 51.0 103.0

These are the positions for the Hexapod after the cal unit has been aligned with the laser tracker (new hologram mounted and fiber plate #1).

We close the loop just on the LGSW to center the hexapod (JOL).

PYR derot angle LUCI rot angle
166.152 210
181.152 180
192.152 150
226.152 90
271.152 0

This relation varies with the binning. The upper values have been taken with BIN2: so we have that Pyr derot angle = 271.0 - 0.5 * LUCI rot angle

Pyr board positions to center on-axis source on PYR: -75.0, -45.0, 45.0. To center on QC: -74.5, -44.95, 45.0

QC IM acquisition

We center on QC and we set the LUCI rotator to 0°

We evaluate that 5um rms of TT mirror command are equivalent to 1" rms of TT on-sky.

We set an oscillating disturb on the mirror with an amplitude of 2um rms and a frequency of 10Hz.

TN Notes
20150429_002207 2um rms oscillation on tip (m=0)
20150429_003019 m=1

Then we plot the QC signals for m=0 and m=1 and we fit a line on the 2 trends. With m=0 we have an orientation of 2.14°.

-- MarcoBonaglia - 13 May 2015
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