DX LGSW setup

9:00 a.m.: we start up the LGSW. There is a problem with the state machine: in the powered off state the Thors are off and when you restart, passing through the unknown state, you have housekeeping error. Lorenzo wrotes an email to SW guys.

We restart basdards and we put the system in Acquired. We close Pupil and Jitter loop. The subapertures set is the one of March.

Blue 731 453
Yellow 298 722
Red 367 697
Blue 6.04 1.99
Yellow -4.04 -3.22
Red 5.16 -2.42
We try to take dark but we cannot in the Acquired state. So Lorenzo tryies to switch off diodes and the pupil loop goes banana.

TN Notes
20141102_170711 No light, in the banana position
20141102_170821 "
20141102_171117 System was restored, then we start the snapshot and we remove the light
We acquire new DARK: 20141102_171731

TN Notes
20141102_172036 System restored, dark is 20141102_171731
10:30 a.m.: it starts to rain! We go upstairs to cover the LGSW and the 2 LAS. SR provided a plastic cover for the LGSW. We cover also dichroic and fold mirror.

IMG_20141102_113629561.jpg IMG_20141102_113729413.jpg

We try to install the external sources with laser diodes, but we have a problem with BCU [add description of the problem]

13:00: FLAO - RR activity still ongoing, they are trying to align the pennina.

13:30: IRTC installed, pupil wobble check on FLAO

Telescope balancing

16:00: Telescope has been balanced and we are able to reinstall the external sources to check Pockels cells.

Pockels Cell Transmission

We started measuring just the Yellow and Red PC because the Blue laser went broken during the installation (TM fixes it). Blue pupil has IS on.

We use different code for analysis:

from argos.snapshot.analyzer.data_set import DataSetAnalyzer

ds= terminal.set('tn_init', 'tn_end')


TN Sup
'20141103_000241', '20141103_000416' 20141103_000241_pcTransmission.jpg
'20141103_001648', '20141103_001817' 20141103_001600_pcTransmission.jpg
This test procedure is quite old it has not the OFF state measurements: Yellow counts are about 600, Red 400, TN: 20141103_002407.

TN Sup
'20141103_002512', '20141103_002550' 20141103_002500_pcTransmission.jpg
PockelsCell4 shows a strange behaviour: it is not linear above 1.5us...

We increase the number of step in the test between 0.5 and 2.0us:

TN Sup
'20141103_003441', '20141103_003824' 20141103_003400_pcTransmission.jpg
Then we try also 8 steps between 0.1 and 2.0us:

TN Sup
'20141103_004901', '20141103_005233' 20141103_004900_pcTransmission.jpg
We tested the pockel cells transmission with several methods: sources , internal LED sources, cal unit narrowband LED. See results in PockelsCellsTransmission

18:00: we install laser also on Blue pupil

TN Sup
'20141103_010002', '20141103_010351' 20141103_010002_pcTransmission.jpg
'20141103_010929', '20141103_011322' 20141103_010929_pcTransmission.jpg

Comparison of Laser and LED sources for Pockels cells transmission measure

18:30: we deploy calibration unit, but the LEDs are not working. In the meanwhile we use the Internal Sources:

TN Sup
'20141103_012154', '20141103_012533' 20141103_012154_pcTransmission.jpg
'20141103_012850', '20141103_013254' 20141103_012850_pcTransmission.jpg
'20141103_014411', '20141103_014653' 20141103_014411_pcTransmission.jpg
'20141103_015137', '20141103_015433' 20141103_015137_pcTransmission.jpg

19:00: CalUnit LEDs are on, we authorize LUCI@ARGOS and properly position M2, removing coma

TN Notes
20141103_023817 Blue pupil is OK, Y and R are slightly vignetted. We move by 50um the hexapod and the light pattern gets better
20141103_024921 Pupil & Jitter loops closed
20141103_024947 "

We recenter Pupils by hand:

Pupil X Y
Blue 758 499
Yellow 319 786
Red 435 729

Pupil target: 20141103_025326

TN Notes
20141103_025430 All 3 pupils are centered on subaps
20141103_030211 "

We set -2.0um of Z6 to the shell, the pattern looks much better

TN Notes
20141103_031626 PCL, JCL, Z6=-2.0um

We open the loops and we try to scan the field stops by moving the hexapod...

Hexapod position versus mean subaperture flux on the WFS camera

  • We correct manully the aberration of the PSF seen on the patrol cameras ( -2 mu m of Z6 to the shell)
  • We acquire the calibration sources and get approx. 4k ADU counts as mean subaperture flux (diode src are 200mA)
  • We then move the hexapod in X and Y by steps of 2'', and record the mean subaperture flux for each three pupil. From those measurements, we produce the plot below

First measurement

hexpod_RX_2_subap_flux_20141102.png hexpod_RY_2_subap_flux_20141102.png

The X-axis of the hexapod corresponds approx. the radial axis of the red pupil. The Y-axis to the yellow pupil. The larger offset seen is for the red pupil in RX (approx. 5.0'' on hexapod, ~1.2''). We thus try to shift by 0.6mm the red pupil entrance window and re-take the measurements, see below

After optimization of the RED pupil entrance window

Adjustement of the Red pupil entrance window corresponds approx. to the X axis of the hexapod.

hexpod_RX_2_subap_flux_20141103.png hexpod_RY_2_subap_flux_20141103.png

T & R sources on IRTC

21:00: we switch on the IRTC and the Reflection and Transmission sources on CalUnit: R pos = [145; 186], T pos = [141; 143].

IRTC has the large FoV so pixel scale is 0.1arcsec/px. Actual position of hexapod is Z=4.2728mm.

We move M2 to center R and use the small FoV on IRTC.

R centered -2.78 -6.273 4.3578 -283.7 63
WFS centered -3.02 -6.27 4.27 -263.75 20

Hexapod to PatCams IM

22:32: we move hexapod in TT and check the spot position on the PatCams:

Rx Ry TN
0 0 20141103_053456
+20 0 20141103_053609
-20 0 20141103_053646
0 +20 20141103_053743
0 -20 20141103_053847

Then we acquire a PatCam image putting +2mm of Z on M2: TN: 20141103_054740, then we move to Z=-2mm: TN: 20141103_055620

From the scan above we measure the PatCams rotation:

PatCam Rot
Blue +184°
Yellow -158°
Red +170°

23:27: we try to measure PC trasmission with CalUnit LEDs

Pockels cells trasmission with CalUnit LEDs

TN Sup
'20141103_063514', '20141103_063847' 20141103_063514_pcTransmission.jpg
'20141103_064205', '20141103_064449' 20141103_064205_pcTransmission.jpg

FLAO CL with R CalUnit source

TN Notes
20141103_071816 all loops open
20141103_071912 PCL, JOL
20141103_072659 PCL, JCL
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20141103_002500_pcTransmission.jpgjpg 20141103_002500_pcTransmission.jpg manage 42 K 04 Nov 2014 - 04:06 MarcoBonaglia  
20141103_003400_pcTransmission.jpgjpg 20141103_003400_pcTransmission.jpg manage 40 K 04 Nov 2014 - 04:08 MarcoBonaglia  
20141103_004900_pcTransmission.jpgjpg 20141103_004900_pcTransmission.jpg manage 42 K 04 Nov 2014 - 04:10 MarcoBonaglia  
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20141103_014411_pcTransmission.jpgjpg 20141103_014411_pcTransmission.jpg manage 40 K 12 Nov 2014 - 09:06 MarcoBonaglia  
20141103_015137_pcTransmission.jpgjpg 20141103_015137_pcTransmission.jpg manage 40 K 12 Nov 2014 - 09:05 MarcoBonaglia  
20141103_063514_pcTransmission.jpgjpg 20141103_063514_pcTransmission.jpg manage 43 K 12 Nov 2014 - 09:51 MarcoBonaglia  
20141103_064205_pcTransmission.jpgjpg 20141103_064205_pcTransmission.jpg manage 42 K 12 Nov 2014 - 09:51 MarcoBonaglia  
IMG_20141102_113629561.jpgjpg IMG_20141102_113629561.jpg manage 575 K 02 Nov 2014 - 19:00 MarcoBonaglia  
IMG_20141102_113729413.jpgjpg IMG_20141102_113729413.jpg manage 409 K 02 Nov 2014 - 19:00 MarcoBonaglia  
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hexpod_RX_2_subap_flux_20141103.pngpng hexpod_RX_2_subap_flux_20141103.png manage 44 K 05 Nov 2014 - 23:36 UnknownUser Hexapod RX vs Subap Flux -- window Red pupil adjusted
hexpod_RY_2_subap_flux_20141102.pngpng hexpod_RY_2_subap_flux_20141102.png manage 41 K 05 Nov 2014 - 23:35 UnknownUser Hexapod RY vs Subap Flux
hexpod_RY_2_subap_flux_20141103.pngpng hexpod_RY_2_subap_flux_20141103.png manage 44 K 05 Nov 2014 - 23:36 UnknownUser Hexapod RY vs Subap Flux -- window Red pupil adjusted
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