LGSW cabling

The sequence of installation was this:

1) PatCams cooling lines, ethernet and power cords

2) Roll bar installation (since the Blue PatCam was reinstalled we had a collision with the roll bar and we had to machine it to made it fit on the table)

3) Pockels cells driver, clamping and cabling. Then the stirodur cover was put in place.

4) Motors cables, PIs, Thor, Fibers (all these cables have to be secured on the pillars that hold the cable cover)

5) Camera cooling lines

6) Camera cables

7) Camera cover

8) Cable cover

Vacuum pump

This device is needed to pump ozone out of the EMS box. Julian installed it on the LGSW cable tray and he connected it to the I/O switch for the Air valve.

TT power line fixing

Trying to startup the LGSW we see that the TT unit is not booting: the unit was exchanged by Gilles in the beginning of this run because he updated the onboard SW. We put back the old unit and it also fails to power up. In the control room the 2 units have no problems so we think the major responsible is the TT unit power cord that is very short and when the device is removed it is pulled...

Julian fixes the power cord.

-- MarcoBonaglia - 02 Nov 2014
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