Pupil motor X Y
Red 465 740
Piezo Rx Ry
Red 0.004 0.000
We start recording an IM with 10 modes on the red pupil: IM: 10modes_ol_red.

Activating the offload to hexapod we get a -0.1mm of Z offload, while on other pupils we didn't see that...

We record the IM: 10modes_cl_red, 50modes_cl_red, 150modes_cl_red but we find that the 50 and 150 are not good, we never got the 50 modes reconstructor...

19:27: new REC: 50modes_cl_red

We try to record again the IM closing the loop on 50 modes: REC: 150modes_cl_red2. We try to close the loop but it diverges. The bottom right of the pupil is very dim, maybe for misalignment maybe for obscuration from the gusset and gauge... We try also 100 modes but it doesn't work.

50 modes are the only ones that work.

We try to move the pupil until we get a good illumination pattern:

Pupil motor X Y
Red 413 658
Piezo Rx Ry
Red 0.004 0.000
15:08: we try to close the loop on the on-axis source using FLAO. In this way we compensate the aberrations coming from ASM and misalignment and we record just the hologram aberrations on LGSW.

TN Notes
20140511_231014 FLAO CL on on axis source
We get a PSF of 1.08px FWHM on LUCI (image #62) and about 60mas on CCD47:

luci2.20140512.0062.zoom.jpg luci2.20140512.0062.zoom.log.jpg

LUCI images are stored here:


We acquire several darks on LUCI: #63 to #76

We acquire optical loop data on FLAO: 20140511_232907, 20140511_232927

Now we center the yellow pupil on ARGOS, we close the loop with 150 modes. Taking image with LUCI we clearly see a PSF dominated by coma (#79):

luci2.20140512.0079.zoom.jpg luci2.20140512.0079.zoom.log.jpg

TN Notes
20140511_235846 CL on yellow, 150 modes, LUCI images acquired #79
20140511_235917 "
We acquire the ASM shape saving a ASM shape: yellow_loop.sav.

We switch to the blue pupil, we close the loop with 150 modes.

TN Notes
20140512_000713 CL on blue, 150 modes, LUCI images acquired #82
The coma pattern seems rotated by 120deg...

luci2.20140512.0082.zoom.jpg luci2.20140512.0082.zoom.log.jpg

DARK: 20140511_221923 -> 200 frames averaged...

1:02 we switch on the yellow and red diodes we try to close the pupil and jitter loops but the controller crashes... solved later.

Zemax simulation of LUCI images

We tryed to simulate this situation in Zemax: we optimized the ASM shape to minimize the aberrations on the Yellow LGSW arm. We rescaled the geometrical image on the LUCI focal plane to have a 0.075mm/px scale and we started shifting along Z the LGSW to obtain the same pattern of the figures above. The image below has been taken with a 15mm shift on the LGSW (away from the dichroic).

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