For winter time when the temperatures can be below zero. The operation of the laser is crucial to have them in the proper temperature.

The recomendatons document:

Document attached T650g00201.pdf

The lasers use their own water to water heat exchangers, which are also equipped with heaters to get the laser cooling water to the temperature set point during warm up. Powering up the laser diodes at low temperatures might cause damage to the laser heads. It is very important to give the chillers enough time to stabilize the temperature inside the head.

To minimize thermal stress inside the laser box, the boxes are equipped with a cooling and heating facility. The heater will warm up the box with a constant temperature air flow. This soft warm up minimizes stress inside the box, but needs several hours to fully heat up all the material inside. As the lasers are screwed to the laser box, and therefore thermally linked to it, both should be started at the same time. Otherwise the lasers would cool down the laser box or the other way round.

The laser box temperature controller is started by powering up ‘LLP LSP SX Laser Box’ or ‘‘LLP LSP DX Laser Box’ in the remote power GUI. As the sensor measures the air temperature, it does not tell you the temperature of the steel frame and the attached components, including the laser heads. A proper air temperature does not necessarily mean a proper temperature of the components.

The laser heat exchangers are started by first powering up ‘LLP LSP SX Laser Box’ or ‘‘LLP LSP DX Laser Box’ in the remote power GUI, and additional warming up at least one laser per side.
Remember to maintain the power-/warmup procedure at any time.

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