Changing between existing Calibrated Modal Basis

DX can operate with either the KL_v22 or KL_v26 modal basis, althought he KL_v26 is the preferred. To switch the Modal Basis configuration for ARGOS:
  1. An AO Scientist make the necessary configuration changes with the Adaptive Secondary. These changes to involve an aostop/start
  2. Power off the wfs and perform a w_stop. Stop ARGOS arbitrator (monit interface in argos-sx-lgsw:2812 or argos-dx-lgsw:2812 respectively. These should be off during the adsec configuration changes and remain off until the Adsec if fully up again.
  3. While configuration changes on the adsec are taking place, the ARGOS operator should adjust the configuration on the wfs.
    1. On flao-?xwfs, cd:
    2. cp the TT and TRUTH table for the appropriate modal table to the default:
      cp table_LUCIFER_ARGOS_TT_KL_v##.txt table_LUCIFER_ARGOS_TT.txt 
      cp table_LUCIFER_ARGOS_TRUTH_KL_v##.txt table_LUCIFER_ARGOS_TRUTH.txt 
      where ## is the modal basis you are changing to.
    3. There is no need to change/update the truesense.conf (located in /home/argos/aoroot/conf/wfs/current/processConf ) . This contains infor on all modal basis.
  4. Change the reconstructors to match the current modal basis in the argos_?
  5. Once the adsec the is up, program loaded and set:
    1. Start wfs software (w_start) and set to Operate
    2. Start ARGOS arbitrator (monit interface in argos-sx-lgsw:2812 or argos-dx-lgsw:2812 respectively)
    3. Reconnect AOS to ARGOS
    4. Put LAS and LAN in simulation (Arbitrator GUI: Tab Expert -> Tab Commissioning)
    5. Go through power up sequence until subsystems are synchronized again (normally Prepare)
    6. [Night time only] Put LAS and LAN back in operation (Arbitrator GUI: Tab Expert -> Tab Commissioning)

-- JenniferPower - 30 Apr 2019
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