Cables used to connect the PI S334 to the BCU. Each piezo head has 5 cables terminated with LEMO connectors: 3 for the HV commands (Axis 1, Axis 2, 100V) and 2 for the strain gauges (Axis1 and Axis2). The 5 cables of each piezo head are connected to 5 pass-through connectors installed on the ConnectorPanel of the LGSW unit. From the ConnectorPanel a 6-m long, 5-cables bundle goes to the BCU. The bundle is protected with a plastic wrinkling-tube.

List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
Piezo-BCU Cable 0 PI0 ArgosCabinet0
Piezo-BCU Cable 1 PI1 ArgosCabinet0
Piezo-BCU Cable 10 PI10 ArgosCabinet0
Piezo-BCU Cable 2 PI2 ArgosCabinet0
Piezo-BCU Cable 3 PI3 LgswSystemSx
Piezo-BCU Cable 4 PI4 LgswSystemDx
Piezo-BCU Cable 5 PI5 LgswSystemDx
Piezo-BCU Cable 6 PI6 LgswSystemDx
Piezo-BCU Cable 7 PI7 LgswSystemSx
Piezo-BCU Cable 8 PI8 LgswSystemSx


Drawings are here: Drawings of the steering mirrors cables. From GL elettronica 10 May 2011

Panel connectors are LEMO ABD.00.250.NTM (for the HV signals) and SWH.0S.304.CLLPV (for the strain gauges)

Installation and maintenance

The end with 5 LEMO connectors goes to the BCU. The end with 3 BNC and 2 LEMO connectors goes to the ConnectorPanel. The ConnectorPanel is color coded: if, for instance, you are installing the cabling for the BlueChannel, you should connect the cable to the 5 connectors encircled by the blue line. Pay close attention to not mix the axis!

On the BCU side

The BlueChannel is connected to the HVC board closer Actuators and Sensors are numbered from 0 to 6. Connect actuators to 0,1,2 or to 3,4,5 accordingly to the label. Connect sensor to 0,1 or to 3,4 accordingly o the label o

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Name Piezo - BCU cables
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KIT_CAVI_PIEZO_ARGOS.pdfpdf KIT_CAVI_PIEZO_ARGOS.pdf manage 26 K 10 May 2011 - 17:19 LorenzoBusoni Drawings of the steering mirrors cables. From GL elettronica 10 May 2011
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