Is a goal of this topic

Having a trace of every single occurred (or possibly occurred) bugs/failure in the hardware and/or software that is not fully understood at the moment.

Don't look the other way: if it happened once, it will do it again.

Is not a goal

We don't want to replicate a ticketing system with ranking, AI assignement and the rest.

We don't even pretend to be able to understand the origin of the failure from these notes.

We put here only the fails that we don't understand: we don't want to keep note of stupid fix or incomplete implementation and similar.


Add a new item each time is needed. Add comments to existing items if you think your bug is of the same kind (say: "DATE. It happened again").

Use the following link to create a new bug report

Topic Devices Tag Title Status
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0001 BCU, BcuNumber1   Failed to perform operation 'uploadDspCode' Open
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0002 BCU, BcuNumber1   Board hvc4 misconfigured? Open
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0003 LedSources   2 commands in a raw are skipped? Open
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0005 BCU, BcuNumber2   Piezo cry when BCU-ADC are running Closed
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0006 WfsCamera1   WFSCamera service memory leak Closed
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0007 MoCon, MoconWFSDX, Nsa12Number0, Nsa12Number10   Pupil motor not responding to software Open
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0008 BCU, BcuNumber3   Error writing in DSP BCU memory during frame grabbing Open
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0009 BCU, BcuNumber3, LgswSystemSx   BCU hangs when re-initialized Open
ThingsThatIDontUnderstand0010 WfsCamera1 ErrorCamera ErrorCamera at PnCCD startup Open
create a new bug report

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