The 3 patrol camera units in each LgswUnit are based on AVT GC1350 cameras. The 12V power supply is installed in the MoCon. The ethernet cable is connected to the ElectronicRackLgsw

List of devices of this kind

Name Serial Number Location
Avt Camera #0 02-2130A-06628 ArgosCabinet0
Avt Camera #1 02-2130A-06764 OAA
Avt Camera #2 02-2130A-06777 LgswUnitSx
Avt Camera #3 02-2130A-06762 LgswUnitSx
Avt Camera #4 02-2130A-06763 LgswUnitDx
Avt Camera #5 02-2130A-06761 LgswUnitDx
Avt Camera #6 02-2130A-06760 LgswUnitDx
Avt Camera #7 02-2130A-06774 LgswUnitSx
Avt Camera #8 02-2130A-06743 LgswUnitSx


Known issues

These cameras show problems with booting at low temperatures (below about 0C). This is one of the reason why a liquid heat exchanger is used to keep the temperature of the cameras always above zero. These cameras must be connected to the RegulatedCoolingLine. We have evidences that an higher voltage in the power supply can mitigate the issue of boot at low temperature. The power supply in the MoCon is set at 14V (??).

In case a camera is refusing to start, it can be put in simulation to be able to continue with the Power Up process and check the other sub-systems. To do that, follow these instructions (from IT#8335 for the SX Yellow Patrol Camera):
  • In the corresponding LGSW computer, replace the original cfg file with a "sim" version (if available). The location of the config files is /home/argos/apps/etc/.
  • For example: ln -s argos_sx_sim_patrol_camera_yellow.cfg argos_sx_patrol_camera_yellow.cfg
[argos@sx-lgsw etc]$ ls -ln argos_sx_patrol*
-rw-rw-r-- 1 500 500 1076 Mar 12 2020 argos_sx_patrol_camera_blue.cfg
-rw-rw-r-- 1 500 500 1149 Mar 12 2020 argos_sx_patrol_camera_red.cfg
lrwxrwxrwx 1 500 500 37 Apr 13 16:05 argos_sx_patrol_camera_yellow.cfg -> argos_sx_sim_patrol_camera_yellow.cfg
-rw-rw-r-- 1 500 500 1096 Mar 12 2020 argos_sx_patrol_camera_yellow.cfg.real
  • Restart all the LGSW processes and try Powering Up again.
Note: If a sim version is not avaiable for the specific camera, simply copy an existing one and change the entries that are camera-specific. The sim cfg file requires a fits file with a fake image, make sure that such file exists. The one used on SX LGSW is called "argos_sim_acquired_laser_on_patrol_cam.fits"

SX LGSW Patrol Cameras with Yellow in Sim.png

Installation and maintenance

This device doesn't require to upload any firmware. The only required configuration is setting the IP address. See AvtCameraSoftware

In case of malfunctioning one can try to use alternative software: the AVT Viewer is available in AvtCameraSoftware.

For testing and easy-use without a complete ARGOS sw environment (e.g. from a laptop) there is also a custom developed IDL package to operate AVT cameras available in AvtCameraSoftware

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Name AVT Camera (Patrol Cameras)
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
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GC1350_User_Manual.pdfpdf GC1350_User_Manual.pdf manage 382 K 13 Jul 2012 - 07:20 LorenzoBusoni AVT/Prosilica GC 1350 User Manual
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